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Buildbot is up and running!

Buildbot is now up and running on my local Mac! Picking up from where I left off in my previous post, this is what was necessary to make this happen: Firstly, attempting to run 'make checkconfig' from ~/Buildbot/buildbot/ was completely

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Setting Up a Development Master

Setting up buildbot on my local Mac has proved to be more difficult than I first realized. hwine has helped me out by modifying and sharing a script that helps to setup a new buildbot project called, and combining

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Now that it is 2014, it is time to get back up to speed. Here is where I am at currently, ie as of mid-December We decided to go ahead and manually test the patch needed

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About Me

The more I write software, the more I realize what drives me and sustains my interest in this profession; and it's the people. Writing software someone is going to directly benefit from is as exciting as any job that I can think of. My goals are to work with a company that isn't just holding the line, but is pushing the edge of what is out there. I seek to make an impact on my community and my planet, in a positive and uplifting way through the power of software.