Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Now that it is 2014, it is time to get back up to speed. Here is where I am at currently, ie as of mid-December

  • We decided to go ahead and manually test the patch needed for bug 793989, since it is needed in semi-short order. After the patch is of a fairly decent 1st iteration, then we will go back and diagnose the nosetests issue and determine how to restore our unit testing ability with pylons. This is extra important given that more and more people are becoming interested in BuildAPI and so we need the stability that comes with a solid testing framework.
  • I met with Armen last year and we are going to be working side-by-side on tackling the rest of this patch, he pointed me to his blog post on setting up a local buidbot instance so that I can use it for testing my patch.

Here is what I have in front of me now

  • Setup a running buildbot master instance on my local machine and verify that it can receive and "start" jobs from BuildAPI commands already present in the UI
  • Document the necessary manual unit tests needed for this patch in the wiki
  • Write up the additions to catlees patch necessary to get us to phase 1, which should include the ability to make an http POST request with the necessary parameters and having that launch an individual test on buildbot specified by those parameters in the POST request.

More updates to come as this list of things is knocked out.

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