Triggering of Arbitrary builds/tests is now possible!

Bug 793989 requests the ability of buildapi's self-serve to be able to request arbitrary builds/tests on a given push, and this is now possible! If you are interested in triggering an arbitrary build/test you can start with this simple python script to get you started.

This new buildapi REST functionality takes a POST request with the parameters properties and files, as a dictionary and list, respectively. The REST URL is built as{branch}/builders/{buildername}/{revision} where {branch} is a valid branch, {revision} is an existing revision on that branch, and {buildername} is the arbitrary build/test that you wish to trigger. Examples of appropriate buildernames are "Ubuntu VM 12.04 try opt test mochitest-1" or "Linux x86-64 try build"; Any buildername that shows up in the builder column on buildapi should work. Please file a bug if you find any exceptions!

As a specific example, if you are launching the test "Ubuntu VM 12.04 x64 try opt test jetpack" after having run the build "Linux x86-64 try build", then you need to supply the files list parameter as ["", ""].

Once you have submitted an arbitrary build/test request, you can see the status of that build/test on BuildAPI in multiple locations. The one which allows you to see which masters have grabbed the build/test, you can use the following URL:{branch}-selfserve/{revision}, where obviously {branch} is the branch you submitted your request on and {revision} is the revision you submitted on that branch.

NOTE: Currently TBPL is not showing the pending/running status of builds/tests started with this new BuildAPI functionality because of some issues outlined in Bug 981825, however once a build/test that was triggered with this new functionality is finished, it shows up on TBPL just as you would expect any other build/test to.

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