Building BuildAPI Docker app

I am working through building up the BuildAPI Docker app that is going to live and work in Vagrant with the other apps. Currently I have things to the stage where buildapi is fully installed, and running but am having problems with kombu.

I have run into these issues before, when I was configuring kombu for the first time on my local machine. When I run docker build -t buildapi-app . and then docker run -i -p 5000:5000 -t buildapi-app the app starts up fine, but I see the following message about kombu:

localhost:buildapi-app jzeller$ docker run -i -p 5000:5000 -t buildapi-app
Starting subprocess with file monitor
Running reloading file monitor
Starting server in PID 7.
2014-04-16 05:51:00,389 WARNI [] [Dummy-2] Kombu connection failed ([Errno 111] Connection refused); waiting 2s
serving on view at
2014-04-16 05:51:02,396 WARNI [] [Dummy-2] Kombu connection failed ([Errno 111] Connection refused); waiting 4s
2014-04-16 05:51:06,407 WARNI [] [Dummy-2] Kombu connection failed ([Errno 111] Connection refused); waiting 6s
2014-04-16 05:51:12,419 WARNI [] [Dummy-2] Kombu connection failed ([Errno 111] Connection refused); waiting 8s

Here is the current Dockerfile for buildapi-app:

FROM ubuntu:precise
MAINTAINER Chirs Atlee <>
MAINTAINER John Zeller <>

# Install base dependencies
RUN apt-get -q update
RUN apt-get -y -q install python-dev mercurial sudo python-pip subversion wget curl make python-virtualenv libmysqlclient-dev sqlite3

# Install Python Google Visualizations 1.7.1
RUN pip install -e svn+

# Install BuildAPI
RUN hg clone

# Install pip requirements with pip install
RUN curl | python; rm *.tar.gz;
RUN pip install -r buildapi/rtfd-requirements.txt
RUN pip install kombu==3.0.12 MySQL-python==1.2.3 python-memcached pytz==2011h

# Setup app
RUN cd buildapi; python develop; paster make-config buildapi config.ini
RUN cd buildapi; sed 's/buildapi.cache = redis:HOSTNAME:PORT/buildapi.cache = memcached:' config.ini > tmp; rm config.ini; mv tmp config.ini

# Setup sqlite dbs
#RUN cd buildapi; sqlite3 statusdb.sqlite3 < statusdb_schema.sql
#RUN cd buildapi; sqlite3 schedulerdb.sqlite3 < schedulerdb_schema.sql
#RUN cd buildapi; sqlite3 buildapi.sqlite3 < buildapi_schema.sql

# Setup Kombu
RUN cd buildapi; sed 's/mq.kombu_url =/mq.kombu_url = localhost/' config.ini > tmp; rm config.ini; mv tmp config.ini


CMD ["paster", "serve", "--reload", "-v", "buildapi/config.ini"]

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