BuildAPI-app, RabbitMQ-app and orchardup/mysql are working correctly

BuildAPI-app, RabbitMQ-app and orchardup/mysql are working correctly. This post is a short update of working through the What's next list from the previous post. Here is the updated list

What's next?

The next steps are these:

  • Resolve exceptions.ValueError in buildbot-app
  • Resolve sqlalchemy.exc.OperationalError in buildapi-app
  • Link rabbitmq, mysql, and buildapi and test that everything works
  • Link mysql, and buildbot and test that everything works
  • Link rabbitmq, mysql, buildapi AND buildbot and test that the whole package works
  • See if there is a good way to load statusdb and schedulerdb schemas into mysql in a mysql-app setup built on the orchardup/mysql image. This would prevent the redundanc of loading schemas in buildapi-app and buildbot-app
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