Manual Testing of Arbitrary Builds

When a new selfserve-agent change is pushed to production, it's necessary to verify functionality with some maual testing. Here are some steps to basic testing:

  1. If no new try job to mess with, then submit one, see ReleaseEngineering/TryServer


    • hg clone
    • cd mozilla-central
    • echo "THING" >> README.txt
    • hg qnew test-patch
    • hg qref –message "try: -b o -p linux64 -u none -t none"
    • hg push -f ssh://
  2. In my case you can see the try job running here:


    • If the push is successful it'll give you your own link
  3. Submit a blank arbitrary job request to x86-64 try build/3a5e6ca198d8 using
  4. python –buildername "Linux x86-64 try build" –branch try –rev 3a5e6ca198d8


    • Leaving –file out so that files = []
  5. See running job here
  6. Check for pending job at
  7. Also check
  8. Check buildbot status can be found by finding the appropriate master on the buildapi page
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