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Vagrant + Docker = Happy Fun Times!

I am working with Vagrant and Docker for the first time, and it is awesome! We are working towards capturing all of our "how to install" knowledge for buildbot, buildapi and redis in code by making a set of docker

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Buildbot is up and running!

Buildbot is now up and running on my local Mac! Picking up from where I left off in my previous post, this is what was necessary to make this happen: Firstly, attempting to run 'make checkconfig' from ~/Buildbot/buildbot/ was completely

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Setting Up a Development Master

Setting up buildbot on my local Mac has proved to be more difficult than I first realized. hwine has helped me out by modifying and sharing a script that helps to setup a new buildbot project called, and combining

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About Me

The more I write software, the more I realize what drives me and sustains my interest in this profession; and it's the people. Writing software someone is going to directly benefit from is as exciting as any job that I can think of. My goals are to work with a company that isn't just holding the line, but is pushing the edge of what is out there. I seek to make an impact on my community and my planet, in a positive and uplifting way through the power of software.