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Progress on shipit bug 826753

Last Monday I scoped the steps for Bug 826753, and spent the week prototyping everything to a functional state. I have now created a number of bugs to help with the steps needed to ship this functionality. Here are the steps as I have scoped them: Bug 1032975 -Add new table(s) to shipit database Bug 1032978 -Add a standalone process that listens to pulse for release related buildbot messages Bug 1032985 -Add REST API entry point to shipit that allows shipit-agent to enter release data into shipit database Bug 826753 -release automation should update ship it at certain points. Add the fol…

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Tupperware: Mozilla apps in Docker!

Announcing Tupperware, a setup for Mozilla apps in Docker! Tupperware is portable, reusable, and containerized. But unlike typical tupperware, please do not put it in the Microwave. Why? This is a project born out of a need to lower the barriers to entry for new contributors to Release Engineering (RelEng) maintained apps and services. Historically, RelEng has had greater difficulty attracting community contributors than other parts of Mozilla, due in large part to how much knowledge is needed to get going in the first place. For a new contributor, it can be quite overwhelming to jump into any…

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Manual Testing of Arbitrary Builds

When a new selfserve-agent change is pushed to production, it's necessary to verify functionality with some maual testing. Here are some steps to basic testing: If no new try job to mess with, then submit one, see ReleaseEngineering/TryServer   hg clone cd mozilla-central echo "THING" >> README.txt hg qnew test-patch hg qref –message "try: -b o -p linux64 -u none -t none" hg push -f ssh:// In my case you can see the try job running here:   If the push is successful it'll give you you…

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Deployed BuildAPI bug fix, L2 Access, Tupperware

A bunch of new stuff! New Things Deployed BuildAPI 8e291c17c8b6 for Bug 1009565 – done Friday Updated wiki- Requested level 2 commit access Requested creation of new build repo at hg.m.o/build/tupperware Requested creation of a public Docker repository account for Mozilla where we can place our RelEng docker images New Bugs Bug 1017937 -Commit Access (Level 2) for John Zeller Bug 1017349 -Request for a new repository Bug 1018429 -Create public Docker Index reposit…

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