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Manual Testing of Arbitrary Builds

When a new selfserve-agent change is pushed to production, it's necessary to verify functionality with some maual testing. Here are some steps to basic testing: If no new try job to mess with, then submit one, see ReleaseEngineering/TryServer   hg clone cd mozilla-central echo "THING" >> README.txt hg qnew test-patch hg qref –message "try: -b o -p linux64 -u none -t none" hg push -f ssh:// In my case you can see the try job running here:   If the push is successful it'll give you you…

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BuildAPI-app is almost up!

I am very close to having the buildapi-app docker container working completely. I left off last not having selfserve-agent setup, and having a kombu error. In order to setup selfserve-agent properly, I had to include a selfserve-agent.ini file in the base of the docker file to be used by when called with: python buildapi/buildapi/scripts/ -w; Additionally, I included a simple bash script to ensure that the container is able to launch both processes side by side without blocking one another. The error I was having with kombu was because I did not have rabbit…

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Docker containers up for RabbitMQ and BuildAPI

After spending some time on the buildapi-app docker container, I realized that my issues with kombu were likely due to selfservagent setup stuff that I have not yet done. So before diving into that I went ahead and started getting rabbitmq working. I referenced the following while working on rabbitmq-app and buildapi-app: I finally worked the app to the point that rabbitmq was up and all the proper users were insta…

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