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Progress on shipit bug 826753

Last Monday I scoped the steps for Bug 826753, and spent the week prototyping everything to a functional state. I have now created a number of bugs to help with the steps needed to ship this functionality. Here are the steps

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Building BuildAPI Docker app

I am working through building up the BuildAPI Docker app that is going to live and work in Vagrant with the other apps. Currently I have things to the stage where buildapi is fully installed, and running but am having

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About Me

The more I write software, the more I realize what drives me and sustains my interest in this profession; and it's the people. Writing software someone is going to directly benefit from is as exciting as any job that I can think of. My goals are to work with a company that isn't just holding the line, but is pushing the edge of what is out there. I seek to make an impact on my community and my planet, in a positive and uplifting way through the power of software.